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Professional Automotive Mechanic With Invicta Technical College

Invicta Technical College is a reputed Australian training academy that has been providing auto mechanic course qualifications and automotive mechanic courses online in Sydney for international students since 2016. Invicta Technical College, originally known as the Australian Professional Training Academy, offers a variety of auto mechanic courses for International students.

Learn With Highly Experienced Faculty At Invicta

Invicta Technical College has built strong relationships with employers in the auto mechanic industry and are proud to offer an extensive range of auto mechanic courses for international students in Australia. Our college has a very experienced faculty for the auto mechanic course with expert lecturers in the motor vehicle industry. They are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields to offer the best education in auto mechanic and car mechanic courses. You can confidently enrol in our online automotive mechanic course, knowing that we'll guide you and ensure you have all the knowledge you need to pursue a career as an auto mechanic. Our goal is to put particular emphasis on practical hands-on learning experiences.

Holistic Automotive Mechanic Course for Students

Our primary objective is to provide international students access to nationally-recognised qualifications for auto mechanic courses online. Invicta offers vocational education courses tailored to particular industries, such as engineering and logistics. The goal of our auto mechanic course for international students is to provide you with a quality education that will enable you to confidently enter the industry and make it your career. We provide the most cutting-edge and modern training courses available in Australia, as well as a wide variety of mechanic courses for international students and industry certifications that include:
  • Certificate 3 in automotive mechanical
  • Certificate 3 in motor mechanic courses

Heavy Commercial vehicle: Certificate 3 Automotive Mechanical

A certificate 3 automotive mechanical course in heavy commercial vehicles: This is one of our auto mechanic courses for international students with high-quality, nationally-recognised certifications. This qualification allows you to learn about performing a wide range of activities while handling various heavy commercial vehicles in the service and repair work.
Certificate 3 motor mechanic course in Light Vehicles The certificate 3 motor mechanic course for light vehicles from Invicta includes how to do repair and service work on light vehicles in compliance with international standards. Certificate 3 motor mechanic course in Diesel Engine Technology This auto mechanic course helps you learn all the skills and knowledge for automotive servicing and repairs regarding various services on diesel engines.

Why Is Invicta Technical College The Top Choice For Auto Mechanic Course For International Students?

Invicta should be your top option if you want to take auto mechanic courses from a nationally-recognised training program dedicated to offering its students the best possible educational experience.
  • Our institution allows same-day certificate issuance.
  • Weekend and weekday programmes for auto mechanic courses online.
  • Invicta also offers affordable auto mechanic course fees.
  • Our international students have a hassle-free learning experience.
  • Convenient location with on-site parking
  • State-of-the-art training aids
  • Concession for group bookings

Enrol At Invicta For Auto Mechanic Course Today

If you wish to enrol in our auto mechanic course or car mechanic courses or if you have any queries about our certificate 3 automotive mechanical course, call us at 02 9226 2121. You can also reach us via email at for further enquiries.
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