Finding suitable accommodation is a crucial aspect of your study experience. Fortunately, Sydney offers a diverse range of accommodation options to cater to your preferences and budget.

When it comes to living arrangements, you have several choices available in Sydney. One popular option is college-managed or privately-owned student accommodations. These purpose-built facilities provide furnished rooms or apartments with shared amenities, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere and convenient access to our college campus.


For those seeking more independence, rental apartments or shared houses are readily available in Sydney. With a range of sizes, locations, and prices, you can find a housing option that suits your needs. Real estate agents and the online platforms can assist you in discovering suitable properties.

Online platform can be accessed through given links:


If you desire an immersive cultural experience, homestays are an excellent choice. Living with a local family offers a supportive environment and an opportunity to engage with Australian customs and traditions. Homestays typically include meals and a private room, ensuring your comfort during your stay.

Student can book their homestay online before they leave their country to avoid hassle by using the given website links: