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Established in 2016, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional education with nationally endorsed qualifications, emphasizing academic excellence and practical competencies for professional success. Our inclusive culture promotes openness and collegiality, with a focus on equity and ethics.

Our credentials are nationally recognized, reflecting our commitment to quality and proficiency acknowledged by RTOs across Australia. Beyond academics, we offer a holistic student experience with organized social activities, enhancing personal growth and well-rounded education. Join us at Invicta Technical College, where we shape careers and holistic development in a globally competitive landscape.


Invicta Training College, with campuses in the CBD, Redfern, and Revesby, prides itself on cutting-edge facilities designed for an optimal learning experience. Our state-of-the-art classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and collaborative spaces ensure accessibility and convenience for our diverse student body. Committed to academic excellence, our dedicated faculty and students actively contribute to knowledge and address challenges. At Invicta, we use the power of education to shape a better future and drive positive societal transformation.



  • Ayesha Hossain
    CEO & Principal
  • Sizar Ghajar
    Marketing Manager
  • Francesca Garcia
    Admin Assistant
  • Melisa Lopez
    Marketing Officer - European Region
  • Shumaila Khurshid
    Academic Coordinator
  • Nasif Kamal
    IT & Project Officer
  • Supreme Shrestha
    Partnership Manager
  • Sayeed Parvez
  • Larissa Filipak
    Marketing Officer - South American Region
  • Anika Ibnath
    Student Support Officer
  • Naila Khurshid
    Student Support Officer
  • Princella Burgos
    Admission Coordinator
  • Ella Rodriguez
    Marketing Officer - Phillipines
  • Randolph Mansueto Jr.
    Accounts Officer
  • Julie Ann Tanierla
    Executive Assistant

Invicta Technical College likely has a diverse and dedicated team that contributes to the overall success and functioning of the institution. To reach your goals, it’s crucial to receive guidance and support from the right academic trainers. Invicta is dedicated to ensuring quality education, and as a result, you’ll be taught by some of the industry’s most accomplished and highly qualified instructors.

These educators specialize in effective teaching methods and are skilled at engaging with a diverse range of students. Get to know our exceptional team here.

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