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A To Z Complete Automotive Course with Invicta Technical College

Since 2016, Invicta Technical College has focused on delivering practical hands-on learning opportunities by offering excellent automotive courses in Sydney for international students and online automotive classes across Australia. Initially known as the Australian Professional Training Academy, our organisation offers a wide range of courses, including automotive certificate programs, at our Australian campus in Sydney. We have access to a working automotive workshop while students can also benefit from our staff's extensive direct industry knowledge and practical learning experience.
Our goal is to deliver nationally-endorsed qualifications with our automotive courses in Australia for international students. That can be used by students at all levels of education, from vocational to university. Our automotive courses in Sydney are unrivalled for their indepth knowledge imparted to the students. We provide certified training courses so students can develop the skills that will help them in their career paths. Our automotive certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of employers and industry professionals. Our students should be proficient in English before enrolling in automotive courses in Australia for international students.

Automotive Course Ranges In Sydney For International Students

You can enrol in a variety of online automotive classes at Invicta Technical College that will help you develop the skills and knowledge required to enter the workforce or pursue further education in this important field.

Hands-on Experience & Learning

Invicta Technical College faculty ensures that our students get hands-on and practical learning experience when servicing and repairing motor vehicles. Our automotive courses offer you a comprehensive understanding of mechanical vehicle parts like brakes, clutches, engines and suspensions. Our faculty lecturers have the best experience in the motor vehicle industry, which ensures that they can guide students in achieving their goals under our automotive certificate programs. Our automotive courses in Sydney for international students cover all aspects of the industry, including:

Automotive Technician & Technology Courses

Invicta's automotive courses in Australia for international students include comprehensive technician and technology courses. These courses guide you on how to repair and maintain vehicles. Students are often trained to operate tools and machinery, including welders, power tools, and computerised diagnostic equipment. The automotive technology courses teach you how to install, operate and maintain engines and transmissions in cars, trucks, vans and light commercial vehicles (LCVs). By pursuing our automotive courses, you can learn how to design, construct, or modify mechanical components. At the same time, Electronics & Electrical Automotive Courses teach you about electronics fundamentals such as electric circuits, circuits theory and digital electronics of vehicles.
  • 3 Automotive Program in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
    One of our automotive courses includes a cert 3 automotive program in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology which is structured to deliver high-quality, nationally-accredited qualifications for international students. With these qualifications, you'll learn about performing various activities while handling different kinds of heavy commercial vehicles regarding service and repairs.
  • 3 Automotive Program in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
    The cert 3 automotive course for light vehicles from Invicta includes skills and knowledge to perform the range of tasks for light vehicles like repair and service work in conformity with international standards.
  • 3 Automotive Program in Diesel Engine Technology
    This nationally-accredited course is a must for anyone planning to specialise in diesel vehicles including repairs and maintenance. You will learn about servicing all types of diesel vehicles and how to use specific equipment and tools.

Why Choose Invicta Technical College For Automotive Certificate Programs?

Invicta Technical College is dedicated to providing its students with the best possible educational experience as a professional standards training academy for automotive courses. When you enrol with us, you can expect the following:
  • Nationally-accredited courses
  • Weekend/weekday classes available with online automotive classes
  • Same-day certificate issue
  • Affordable automotive course fees structure in Sydney
  • Convenient location with on-site parking
  • State-of-the-art training aids
  • Concession for group bookings

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If you want to enrol in our automotive certificate programs or have questions regarding automotive courses & fees in our college, call us immediately at 02 9226 2121. You can also contact us via email at for other queries.
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