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Established in 2016, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional education with nationally endorsed qualifications, emphasizing academic excellence and practical competencies for professional success. Our inclusive culture promotes openness and collegiality, with a focus on equity and ethics.

Our credentials are nationally recognized, reflecting our commitment to quality and proficiency acknowledged by RTOs across Australia. Beyond academics, we offer a holistic student experience with organized social activities, enhancing personal growth and well-rounded education. Join us at Invicta Technical College, where we shape careers and holistic development in a globally competitive landscape.

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Invicta Technical College is committed to the creation and joint delivery of innovative educational programs, accessible to a wide range of students, through positive and productive third-party provider and educational partnerships. To assure the success of these arrangements, Invicta and its partners have a responsibility to comply with a range of operational, legislative, and regulatory requirements.

Upon successfully onboarding a pathway partner, Invicta offers dedicated support and guidance for the governance, compliance, and quality assurance of these partnerships.

Unlock Your Potential with Offshore Delivery of Australian VET Education

Embark on a transformative educational journey without leaving your home country!

Don’t let geographical barriers hold you back from realizing your educational aspirations.

Our offshore delivery of Australian VET education courses brings world-class vocational training right to your doorstep, offering you the chance to acquire industry-relevant skills and qualifications endorsed by the renowned Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


  • Opportunity to secure globally recognized degrees while using local strength
  • Access to quality training materials and Industry-Relevant Curriculum
  • Ensuring service delivery through highly skilled trainers and assessors
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Banking on a learner-centric approach, we work together to ensure high quality tailor-made training products.
  • Cost-Effective Learning
  • Comprehensive Student Support



Invicta Technical College (INVICTA) welcomes you to be its Offshore Educational Service Provider (OESP) to provide educational services to INVICTA as Regional Representative. Under this Partnership, OESP may offer the local students the following study options :


Study courses of INVICTA residing in home country at OESP’s campus


Study courses of INVICTA by coming to Australia at INVICTA’s campus


Study courses of INVICTA by partially commencing study at home country and completing the rest of the course by coming to Australia at INVICTA’s campus.

  • An Agreement will be signed between INVICTA and OESP to ensure the delivery of high-quality VET services in accordance with the relevant Standards for Registered Training Organizations.
  • As Regional Representative, OESP’s will get the opportunity to offer a wide range of VET courses to local learners and award them with Australian standard Training certificates.
  • INVICTA will provide necessary support to the OESP to be recognized as ‘Approved Delivery Site’ for INVICTA. INVICTA will provide all the training products and necessary support.
  • OESP will require to comply with the compliance requirements of ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) – the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator of Australia under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (Australia).



  • Ensuring that the trainers are qualified and equipped to provided quality training.
  • Ensuring quality customer support through dedicated relationship manager.
  • Ensuring online and physical access to quality learning resources and equipments.
  • Sharing management and compliance feedback to enable OESP to better serve the students.
  • Conducting Assessment & Validation sessions to guide you to monitor the students’ progress
  • Conducting periodic audits to ensure that compliance and academic standards are met by OESP.
  • English Language support to upskill the learners to meet Australian Educational standards.

INVICTA also offers various Ancillary Services to the students to support OESPs which includes;

  • Visa related Support (through partner Migration company)
  • Overseas Student Health Insurance (OSHC) support through accredited Insurance provider
  • Airport Pickup for students
  • Arrangement of accommodation for students



INVICTA has attractive Course packages for its Training Products to be delivered under this partnership model.

INVICTA offers a lucrative share of tuition fees paid by students to the OESP. This distribution is on ongoing basis to support the operational expenses of OESP.



STEP 1 : Initiate Partnership

  • Map out the scope of potential partnership.
  • Discuss financial, logistics and operational requirements in an overseas location.
  • Sign off Memorandum of understanding


STEP 2 : Assess Partnership

  • Perform due diligence assessment consider course specific requirements
  • Agree to financial incentives, tuition fees, process and budget to launch the program.
  • Evaluation of the proposal and recommend reasonable adjustments.


STEP 3 : Formalize Partnership

  • Upon receiving a positive outcome, the proposal finalizes.
  • Sign off third party agreement by all involved parties.
  • Update government authorities (ASQA) and obtain approval for international delivery site.

STEP 4 : Onboarding

  • Conduct final site visit, Publish partnership information and provide marketing support.
  • Training relevant staff members involved in this offshore delivery program.
  • Arrange access to student management portal and learning resources.

STEP 5 : Monitor & Review Partnership

  • Monitor and support in academic, compliance and marketing issues.
  • conduct quarterly audits for quality assurance and compliance management.
  • Monthly management meeting to analyze feedback and resolve concerns.



To be eligible to become a global pathway partner, the external education provider must be:

  • Registered business entity in the form of a company
  • Have local approval to trade as an educational provider.
  • Have a current trade license.
  • Have/intend to establish facilities that are required to offer vocational programs.
  • Willing to follow Invicta’s Quality and Compliance Assurance framework and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

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