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ICOGroup started its journey in 2008 as professional consultant to individuals who wants to Study abroad, foreign languages training provider, and overseas worker supplier. The group’s vision is to become the leading human resource corporation in Vietnam. With pioneering aspirations and sustainable development strategy, ICOGroup strives to become a leading human resource group in Vietnam. Since establishment, ICOGroup has achieved lots of milestones and has become a large conglomerate of Vietnam. Today, ICOGroup has 29 branches throughout the territory of Vietnam and 1 branch in Japan.

ICOGroup is a specialized service provider in domestic and overseas vocational training market. The Group strives to deliver high-quality vocational training opportunity to its clients through offering quality products, a professional team, partnering with reputed local and domestic institutes.

ICOGroup partners with more than 300 global educational institutes and more than 1000 high schools across Vietnam. The group is trusted by many customers which includes more than 17,000 students studying abroad, 38,000 students trained in various foreign languages, 8,000 workers working overseas, 20,000 domestically employed workers.

In Vietnam, ICO Group assists the students to participate in courses and vocational training programs to hone and develop skills in their desired fields. ICOGroup always seeks tuition-free or tuition-deferred programs, paid internships, and other opportunities to help students cover their educational expenses and accumulate savings. ICOGroup is committed to supporting and accompanying students on their educational journey and career development.

ICOGroup established the College of Engineering Practice in order to train students with high vocational skills, catering to FDI enterprises in Vietnam and meeting the demands of foreign businesses. This is a joint venture school model, collaborating with universities and enterprises to provide internationally standardized training programs closely aligned with practical vocational skills. Students will receive language and vocational training in Vietnam, and then they can either further enhance their vocational programs abroad or directly work in developed countries.

To provide opportunity to study the contemporary world class education and to enable them to be an adept professional, ICO Group offers jointly managed courses in partnership with Invicta Technical College, Australia. Under this arrangement, a student gets the opportunity to study the Australian standard comprehensive curriculum for various Vocational certificate and Diploma courses at campus of ICO Group located in Vietnam. The program also provides the students the opportunity to study at the campus of Invicta Technical College in Sydney, Australia with credit transfer facility. 

Since establishment, ICOGroup has built a reputation, a brand name and received many compliments from domestic and foreign partners and customers. ICOGroup organizes career orientation programs in high schools, and extracurricular activities to enhance student’s capacity. ICOGroup integrates technology into teaching through foreign language learning platforms allowing students to study anytime, anywhere. The Group is heavily focused on online education solutions, of which 9Min is the most outstanding application. They have 26 training centers nationwide to help students easily learn foreign languages.

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Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.