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Since the motor industry has become so crucial to modern transportation, automotive courses have always been popular. If you've ever thought of making a career in the automotive industry or plan on pursuing online automotive classes, then we are here to help you. Our automotive certificate programs are sophisticated and up-to-date with the latest trends and norms in the industry.

What Are The Prerequisites?

Passion and enthusiasm for automotive products and vehicles are essential for a successful career in this industry. Our automotive electronic courses require students to understand the core concepts of physics, chemistry and mathematics. For international students, we provide comprehensive automotive courses in Australia that include the design, manufacturing, modification, and maintenance of both light and heavy vehicles. Our students need to be innovative and to have an aptitude for solving technical problems. Being innovative and thinking out of the box regarding designing and repairs is a plus point for automotive electronic courses.

Invicta Technical College: Automotive Courses

To enrol on our automotive electronic course, a student should be above 18 years & have completed high school or the equivalent to form a solid foundation in the concepts in the automotive industry. Our automotive courses in Sydney for international students include:

Introduction To Automotive Electronics Course

Here, the students get familiar with the electronic systems of most vehicles. Electronic components are addressed, and this course is necessary as modern vehicles have plenty of computer components too. Integration of Automotive Electronics Systems Course This course emphasises integrating different automotive electronics systems in a vehicle's design. It will give you hands-on experience through the diagnostic methods, which help students troubleshoot potential integration problems. These guidelines will help the students to handle electronic components like batteries, lighting, wiring, starters and much more. Principles of Grounding and Shielding Course This course addresses the problems caused by electromagnetic interference in automotive vehicles. Here, students can address the problems related to electronic signal clarity, electrostatic discharge and noise control. Students will get hands-on practice for tackling electronic grounding and shielding.
Automotive Computer-Controlled Systems Course Students can receive assistance with various diagnostic software and testing equipment in this course. Students learn about computer-controlled systems, including steering, ignition, and the automotive power train. Troubleshooting Automotive Electronics and Repairs Course Troubleshooting a vehicle's problems is a primary part of working in automotive electronics. Students will receive instructions here on diagnostic equipment so they can identify and repair technical problems with a vehicle's computer program.

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Invicta Technical College has been providing quality education and training since 2016. Our mission is to provide each student with the skills and knowledge required to have a successful career in their industry. We use the latest technology and provide a hands-on practical learning experience for our automotive electronic courses. Our staff has vast industry knowledge, and our nationally-accredited courses are designed with consideration for the latest industry norms. Call 02 9226 2121 right away to enrol for your automotive course! You can also write to us at
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